Horses currently in training owned by the Hollywood Syndicate. 

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Horses currently running:

  1. Alphamikefoxtrot
  2. Deago Deluxe
  3. Honest Prince
  4. Hot Curry
  5. Mocha Rose
  6. Peking Tyson
  7. Seattle Force
  8. Seventh Son
  9. Sunny Bill Du-Toy
  10. Whiteleaf Hills
  11. Winter Twilight
    Horses yet to run:
  12. Agent Murphy
  13. Aintree
  14. Blessed Rain
  15. Blow Me Down
  16. Go My Own Way
  17. Flame Of Elegance
  18. Lady Boulogne
  19. Look To The Sky
  20. Masterofmydestiny
  21. Mighty Smart
  22. Mine All Mine
  23. Muster Up
  24. Nordic Winter
  25. Simply Russian
  26. Son Sastre
  27. Travelling Light
  28. Uncle Charlie
  29. Winters Calling
  30. Unnamed* by Wylie Hall (Lot 129)
  31. Unnamed* by Great Britain (Lot 130)
  32. Unnamed* by Querari (Lot 196)


The horses are with the following trainers:

Clinton Binda:

• Aintree
Deago Deluxe
Hot Curry
Lauren Of Rochelle
• Noordhoek Player
Seventh Son
Winter Twilight

Alyson Wright:
Agent Murphy
Flame Of Elegance
Go My Own Way
Good Lord Padmore
Honest Prince
Mine All Mine
Nordic Winter
Son Sastre
Sunny Bill Du-Toy
Winters Calling

Glen Kotzen
Lady Boulogne
Travelling Light

Brett Crawford:
Muster Up

Stuart Pettigrew:
Blessed Rain

Garth Puller:
Uncle Charlie

Duncan Howells
Mocha Rose

Tobie Spies
Peking Tyson

These horses have since been retired, and will no longer race:

  1. Giulietta
  2. Good Lord Padmore
  3. Noordhoek Player